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Psychological Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs who Visit Karin Dom for Therapy

9 March 2021

Under our project: “Additional support for children with special needs and their families at Karin Dom” with the Medicor Foundation, we provide quality psychological support for parents of children with special needs who visit Karin dom for therapy.

The consultations are led by Virginia Vasileva – a psychovirginia-vasileva1logist and psychotherapist at Karin dom. Given the situation, the consultations are still conducted online using a video connection via Skype or Viber for a consultation lasting 1 hour.

The purpose of parental consultation with a psychologist is to reduce the anxiety and tension of the parent about the child’s condition. Parents manage to look at problem situations with the child from another angle, to mobilize their resources to cope. They learn different strategies on how to be calmer and more confident in caring for children, seek and rediscover a new meaning of what is happening in the family. They deal with their negative experiences and process their experiences related to the child’s condition so that they can be more effective in their role as parents of children with special needs.








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