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Support for Parents of Children with Disabilities for Social and Professional Realization



Project Goals:

To develop working social mechanism for better access to labour market and professional realization for parents of children with disabilities through motivational, psychological, social and vocational support aiming at improvement of quality and standard of living. To offer measures for active inclusion of socially vulnerable group of parents through promoting equal opportunities, raisedqualification and support for parents and their children. To widen the opportunities for improving quality of life for people with disabilities and their families and increasing their motivation for independent living through promoting equal opportunities of these persons for access to labour market and employment.


Grant under Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2014-2020

Total amount of the grant: 218 421,13 leva, incl.:

• 185 657,96 leva financing of the European Social Fund

• 32 763,17 leva national co-financing


1. Creating and keeping an unified informative and communicative platform for connecting parents of children with disabilities with Karin Dom partner companies in order to create opportunities for employment

2. Organizing awareness events, like discussions between employers and parents of children with disabilities for overcoming prejudices towards hiring representatives of vulnerable groups on labour market.

3. Delivery of vocational training for parents of children with disabilities

4. Delivery of training on Key competence 1 “Foreign languages training” – English language course

5. Delivery of integrated social service (therapy for children with disabilities while their parents use specialized psychological, vocational or consultative service)

6. Motivational trainings and psychological support for parents of children with disabilities for overcoming psychological barrier and motivation to start a job

7. Informative and communication activities

Expected Outcomes:

Reducing poverty and encouraging social inclusion as well as improving access to employment and quality work placement. Developing long-term partnership with local employers for provision of employment for parents of children with disabilities. As a result of the training parents of children with disabilities will become certified Assistant Social Activities or Organizer Internet Applications, and in this way they will raise their self confidence and competitiveness on labour market.

Implementation period

April 2017 - December 2018

Financed by

Grant under Human Resources Development Operational Programme

Contact person

Zvezdelinka Atanasova
телефон: +359 52 302 518