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Karin Dom Received a Special Award in the Competition “Project of the Year of the Lale Foundation”

1 July 2021

Yesterday at the “Peroto” Literacy Club in Sofia for the 16th consecutive year, the Lale Foundation presented the Project of the Year awards in the social sphere. At the opening of the ceremony, Maria Petkova, director of the Lale Foundation, stressed that what distinguishes well-functioning societies is competence, knowledge, not authority.

“This is an evening in which we talk about proven professionals, about people who do something professional and responsible every day. Whatever the conditions, they adapt and continue. That is why it is important for these people and these civil society organizations to receive recognition, visibility and gratitude” she added.

For the first time in the history of the competition, the Lale Foundation presented a special award. It is for the Karin Dom Foundation on the 25th anniversary of all the projects implemented during these years, for the thousands of children and parents from all over the country who we have supported.

Thanks for the great recognition!

On behalf of Karin Dom, the award was given to colleagues – Zhechka Ivanova and Svetlana Todorova, Montessori teachers.

During this very difficult year, 15 different projects from all over the country were nominated in the competition. When the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, people’s problems and needs changed. Many organizations have adapted their way of working. They were proposed by civil society organizations and partners, team members, volunteers, clubs, community centers and citizens involved in the activities.

The prizes are usually awarded in the first week of spring, so this year the traditional tulip bouquets for the winners and the jury were missing, but the statuette of Georgi Chapkanov – a hand offering tulips in gratitude – has perpetuated the meaning of the competition.

We are very excited and thank you for the high appreciation for our work for 25 years!

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