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Early Childhood Development and Preparation for School Program of Karin Dom and Cargill Bulgaria

17 July 2018

A third year now the company Cargill supports the therapy of children with special needs in Bulgaria through our joint program Early Childhood Development and Preparation for School. The Program serves children aged 4 to 7 from the whole country with variety of special needs.

The aim of the joint project between Karin Dom and Cargill is equal access to quality therapeutic services for families from the country. In 2018, the project will benefit 14 families. Since the start of the project, the number of the families served under this program, has reached 49 families.

The Program helps children to develop skills in all areas: gross and fine motor, communication, cognitive, adaptive, social-emotional development. Thanks to our joint efforts, we help children from different towns and villages to receive the support they need. We also work with the parents and motivate them to develop their children’s potential. It is our priority to include children into educational system, and to do this, we need to start early on.

Within the Program, each family receives one-week therapy package, which comprises of:

  • Initial assessment and therapy with a multidisciplinary team of professionals with participation of parents,
  • Preparation of detailed home program for the family to follow at home,
  • Accommodation during the stay at Karin Dom,
  • Transport expenses.

 Big advantage of this program is that parents are an important part of the therapy process.

Parents often realize that no matter what their children’s difficulties are, they can handle many challenges and they have the right to go to school just like their peers. The program prepares children to inclusive education in kindergarten, which is the first step of the educational system. Through early support, families understand the importance of working systematically with the child at home and so they become more confident and positive about the future.


“A huge THANKS on behalf of each child and parent for the funds and support provided! This means a lot to us!”Gergana, mother of George

“From all our heart we thank for the responsiveness, understandingand warm welcome to us and our child. The whole team was very kind and trustworthy. We thank the donors for this opportunity and support! Thank you for showing us ways for better communication with our sun, as well as methods for improving his concentration and managing his temper tantrums. You are an oasis for all desperate anddiscouraged parents, who wonder which way to go, if all they do is enough for their children and if they are going in the right direction after all. You are our pillar, our guiding star and we are grateful that we met you! Be healthy!” – George, father of Boris

“I don’t think I could ask for more, everything is very well organized, and I am delighted. Thank you for the care, work and attitude. I am happy that in Bulgaria there is one service adequate to the needs of our special children. Be good as you are and keep improving because we need you!” – Veselka, mother of Martin

“Thank you for the good attitude, for the opportunity to have therapy for free! The therapists demonstrate easy to understand applicable methods for working with the child. There is an individual approach, which is very important for me. Thank you for the sponsors of Karin Dom, let there be more places like this, well equipped and with excellent professionals.” – Petya, mother of Raya

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