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Providing professional supervision to the Karin Dom’s team in 2019

Experts from the helping professions in their daily work experience need to be heard and to share their professional and personal emotions in an atmosphere of confidentiality. Thanks to the supervision of specialists alone or in small groups receive support to revise experienced problems or situation, or to answer questions that arose during the direct professional practice.

Purpose of the project

The Karin Dom team works with about 300 children per year, relying on an excellently trained and highly qualified, dedicated team of specialists. A team that encounters many difficult life situations on a daily basis and conducts long-term therapy for children with serious conditions. The team also works with children without parents, as well as children in foster care.

Behind the successes of Karin Dom and the results achieved, are a lot of work, willingness to work and constant qualification of the team. In order for our team to be effective and to help children and their families, there is also a need for qualified support and the conduct of individual and general supervisors for professionals. This will help the therapists to preserve and maintain their motivation, develop their professional and personal skills.

The success of Karin Dom will not be possible without the efforts of our qualified and motivated team. The project will have a positive impact not only on those directly involved in it, but also affects children with special needs and their families.


Project activities

  1. Implementation of 40 individual supervisions of Karin Dom team members in 2019.

Supervision is a process of professional interaction that develops the professional personal skills of the supervised specialist. It is supporting and developing process to help build an individual style of work that is compatible with personal resources, theoretical approaches and working methods used, a process of mutual learning.

  1. Carrying out 2 general supervisions for the Karin Dom team.

What we want to achieve for Karin Dom’s therapeutic team

As a result, supervisors will enrich their knowledge and skills, develop their personal style of communication, and better tolerate the different styles and human characters, helping to better communicate and avoid conflicts. Besides emotional support that professionals will receive supervision ensures the high quality and standard of therapy that Karin Dom offers children and their families.


Thanks to the professional interaction, the supervised specialist builds his / her individual style of work, which successfully combines with personal resources, theoretical approaches and used methods of work. Undeniable fact is that specialists experience difficulty in setting boundaries between themselves and what they face on a daily basis. They experience negative feelings, which in turn lead to a “burn-out”. Supervision alone gives the specialist the space to experience these negative emotions through sharing in a protected space.

The daily intervision of Karin Dom’s specialists, teamwork, and a supportive working environment help the team to preserve themselves and keep the balance between personal and professional.

The project is supported by The Taxback Group – a long-time partner of Karin Dom, who annually supports our initiatives, as well as our biggest charity event – Festival “Smile, Karin Dom”. The Taxback Group is an Irish company, which opened its first office in Bulgaria in 2001 in Varna. For the past 18 years from a small family company The Taxback Group becomes a global leader in the recovery of taxes, remittances and travel.The company unites eight different brands under its hat, and can find job opportunities and career development specialists in tax law, software engineering, marketing and business development. Corporate social responsibility is an important part of the company’s corporate culture, as it supports long-term local charities.




Implementation period

March - December 2019

Financed by

The Taxback Group

Contact person

Veneta Mileva
телефон: 0879940743