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Karin Dom starts innovative training for children with special needs through eye control technology

2 July 2018

In 2018, thanks to the financial support of International Women’s Club – Sofia, Karin Dom started the project “Communication and innovative training for children with special needs through eye control technology”. The project allows 15 children with special needs (with cerebral palsy, complex and intense needs, autism, communication difficulties) to be taught with the help of the assistive eye control technology. A speech therapist from Karin Dom was trained by ASSIST – Assistive Technologies Foundation in 2017 to utilize the software. Thanks to the financing of International Women’s Club – Sofia, Karin Dom bought two laptops with touchscreen monitors and the software Look to Learn and Inclusive Eye Gaze.

For some children this is the only means of communication and they learn how to use it in their early years. For others this technology is a step forward in communication and aids in the development of speech. As a result of the project children will learn easily and develop their skills through play. Programs  help children to improve gaze accuracy and control, to focus attention, to learn cause and effect relation, to enrich their passive vocabulary, to follow series of instructions, to initiate communication and to communicate by choosing symbols, words and expressions.

Karin Dom has a long-term relationship with International Women’s Club – Sofia, who support our activities and children’s therapy programs. From April 2017 to March 2018 the Club financed the therapy of 5 children with special needs at Karin Dom. We worked actively with those children to develop their inclusive school readiness and to prevent the risk of school drop-out.

International Women’s Club – Sofia organizes charity events for important community causes. The biggest annual charity event is the Christmas Charity Bazaar, which meets together the international diplomatic and business community in an exciting event. Each year the collected funds are donated to educational programs and organizations working for social integration and support to vulnerable groups.

Photo: Karin Dom

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