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How to Be Proactive in Supporting Our Children

9 February 2021

On 04.02.2021, a webinar was held for parents on the topic “How to Be Proactive in Supporting Our Children”. Parents of children with special needs (0-7 years) were invited to the webinar. Representatives of parent organizations, specialists from the Regional Center for Early Intervention of Disabilities – Pleven, Community Centers and parents were present.

The presenters Veselina Tincheva (social activities specialist) and Dimana Miteva-Naidenova (psychologist) presented the theoretical framework of the topic – what advocacy is, what its goals are, who makes the decisions. Various tools were presented to help empower families to move into active action and advocacy. We talked about the importance of respectful language, the power of words in representing the personal stories of families and their children, and how they can change laws and attract like-minded people. Some of the amendments to Ordinance No. 5 on preschool education, regarding the presence and participation of parents, were discussed. In the discussion time, we talked about working models of online work with families and the challenges facing parent organizations.

According to the project, there will be a series of trainings for parents related to three modules: Condition and support for child development; Interaction with institutions and specialists; Advocacy and achieving success in the process of inclusion and tolerance. Trainings for teachers on topics related to communication, teamwork, environment structuring and behavioral intervention are also planned.

The training is organized under the project “Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education”, financed by the Active Citizens Bulgaria Fund under the Financial Mechanism of the EEA 2014-2021. The project partner is the State Diagnostic and Counseling Center (SDCC), Iceland.

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