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Practical training on early intervention at Karin Dom

11 January 2011

From January 31st to the middle of April 2011 at Karin Dom, weekly practical trainings on ‘development of early services for children with special needs in local communities’ will take place.  Participating in the trainings will be representatives of 12 NGOs from different parts of the country, including; Dobrich, Targovishte, Rouse, Aytos, Byala Slatina, Pazardjik, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, and Sofia.

During the trainings specialists from the organizations will work together with specialists from Karin Dom.  They will work together making consultations at the homes of families with children at risk or with developmental delays.  These consultations will allow the participants to learn the skills needed to assess the developmental strengths and needs of the child.  This will also help them set goals and prepare an individual program for each child.

Based on the training and shared experiences of participants, Karin Dom will develop, issue, and distribute guidelines to be used by early intervention specialists. Using training materials and the guidance provided, participants will train teams for early intervention in their local community.

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