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The British Embassy in Sofia is Hosting a Photo Exhibition of Karin Dom

11 April 2022

Karin Dom tells in 25 photographs the 25-year history of one of the first civil society organizations in Bulgaria.

The event is organized in support of the new therapeutic complex that Karin Dom is building in Varna with the kind hospitality of Ambassador Rob Dixon.

This long-awaited event will bring together friends and supporters of Karin Dom in Sofia. The event, which will bring together longtime donors and future partners of the organization, is expected to include business representatives, diplomats, officials and friends and the media. We will talk about the work of Karin Dom, about the success of children with special needs and their families. We will narrate, but we will also show the path we have traveled together through stories of real people, events and children’s destinies, we will show in 25 photographs a 25-year story. We are glad that this time we will be closer to our friends in Sofia, whom we look forward to seeing.

The event will take place on May 11 at 18:00 at the residence of the British Embassy in Sofia at the address: 36 Vasil Levski Blvd.

The meeting will be opened by HE Rob Dixon and the executive director of Karin Dom – Ms. Borislava Cherkezova.

The charming Igor Damyanov, a young influencer and a familiar face from BNT will host the meeting.

Entrance: by invitation only

We will tell you about the new therapeutic complex that Karin Dom has built in Varna thanks to partners and donors like you. You can see more on the target needs for the completion of the therapeutic complex, and on the opportunities for donations HERE

We are looking forward to the wonderful opportunity to share the challenges and successes with our guests over a glass of wine and good music in the pleasant and hospitable residence of our host and friend of Karin Dom. We thank all Ambassadors of Good who supported us over the years and remained faithful to their love for children with special needs, had faith in their ability to learn and develop, just as the founder of Karin Dom – Ambassador Ivan Stanchov believed throughout his life.

The photo exhibition will show you our story through the eyes of real people. The shots are taken at Karin Dom, with children, specialists, during events or during therapy, with parents and friends. All shots were captured by professional photographers we have invited on various occasions over the years.

The shots included in the exhibition were captured by the photographers: Gergana Encheva, Yana Peneva, Zvezdi Patare, Nina Lokmadzhieva and Redzheb Shabanov, as well as archival shots.

The event will be attended by the media, and a team of BNT will make their own film on donations in Bulgaria.

The exhibited photos will be available for order after the event, for which we will send additional information. During the exhibition we will offer a charity sale of the book “The First 25 Years of Karin Dom”.

We will welcome friends and donors, with whom we will share our achievements so far in the building of a socially significant project not only for Varna but also for the country. The event is an opportunity to show that cross-sectoral cooperation brings many benefits to the community, it builds trust and good partnerships to support important causes and create an active civil society.

Guests will be greeted with a glass of wine of the highest class, provided by the renowned wine cellar Chateau Boshnakov.

The meeting is organized as part of the implementation of Project: “Donation as a tool for support of important causes and building of an active civil society”, funded by AGORA Platform Association.

The support for Karin Dom Foundation is provided under the program “Development of philanthropy at the local level” by AGORA Platform Association and America for Bulgaria Foundation. The statements and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the Karin Dom Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the views of America for Bulgaria Foundation and its partners.

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