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Improving the quality of life and social integration of children in foster care

Project goal: To provide opportunities for 7 children with special needs in foster care to receive individualized support according to their needs, to unfold their potential so that they become more independent and develop social and communication skills. These skills will help children in their adaptation/transition to kindergarten, making possible a full participation in community life and better chances for adoption.

Activities: The one year package of services for these foster families include:

– Assessment of child and family needs

– Elaboration of individualized therapy plan for the child according to its needs

– Individual/group sessions with physiotherapist/speech therapist/psychologist/special teacher/music therapist

– Use the Toy library at Karin dom

– Psychological support and trainings for parents how to apply the recommended by the specialists therapy methods and approaches;

– Consultations with social worker

– Mutual activities with other children and parents for social integration

– Transport to and from Karin Dom if needed

In the core of all Karin Dom activities is the family-centered approach that supports the family and builds on their capacity to understand and encourage the development of their child. The foster parents become confident, receive guidance and develop skills to overcome challenges of everyday life.


– for the children – positive development of motor, cognitive, communication and social area, adaptive behavior and positive change in patterns of parent-child interaction, acquiring of self help skills;

– for the parents – acquired confidence and skills how to support their child’s development. The increased parental skills allow for continual opportunities for child learning in a range of situations. The training of parents and their enrolment in groups provides opportunities for mutual support and potential reduction of parental stress.

Thus, the project activities contribute for the better adaptation of the children in kindergartens that will enhance their social integration.

The project with Friends of Bulgaria Association ensures respect of children’s rights to early childhood development and quality education that gives children an equal start and allows them succeed in later stages of their life.

Implementation period

March 2017 – February 2018

Financed by

Friends of Bulgaria Association

Contact person

Darina Raykova
телефон: +359 52 302 517