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Playgroups for children and families in Karin Dom’s Early Intervention programme

6 February 2015

Fourth year in a row Karin Dom Foundation is developing “Play Groups” as an addition to Early Intervention services. The family, being the most important aspect of a child’s life, is placed at the centre of the service, its strengths and abilities are acknowledged and developed.

As parents, we all know that children love to play and for that reason we buy them more and more new toys. Often though, we don’t consider that our children don’t know how to play with those toys. For them, from an early age, playing is a dominant activity that helps their mental development and the building of their personality as a whole. The joint play parent-child becomes the first way of communication. The child imitates us, creates with us relationship of harmony and emotion. In the joint game, our child gets security and builds up confidence. The parental authority, as knowing and able beings, grows in the eyes of the child and along with it – the child’s affection and love for its family grows as well.

The play groups aim to:

  • Expand the social contacts of parents and children
  • Develop habits for interaction between adults and children
  • Help the parents teach their child the necessary intellectual, motor, speech, social habits and skills for self-care.

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