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Karin Dom Held a Training on Creative and Occupational Therapy

2 December 2016

The training team of Karin Dom included in their training modules the topics of “Creative Therapy” and ”Occupational Therapy” that were presented to special teachers and care-givers from the Special school “Dr. Petar Beron”, the town of Kubrat on November 26th and 27th.

Along with the topic on physiotherapy, presented by Andreas Andreou, during the two day training, Bistra Boncheva and Tanya Atmadzhova presented creative therapies, using the expressive arts: visual, plastic and motor – music, theatre, movement/dancing, fairy-tails and poetry for psychotherapy purposes. The trainers presented the participants to the “Music and Sound” therapy, “Drawing, Sculpture, Visual Arts – Art Therapy”, “Dance-Motor” therapy and “Psychodrama”.

The advantages of the creative therapy are that they are figuratively, spontaneous, bias, endurance, creative and physical activity, and the opportunity to be used with equal success with people from different cultures, nationalities, age and clinical profiles.

The goal of the specific training was for the team of the school to gain knowledge on creative therapy and skills in using the techniques of music and art therapy in order to be able to work with children with special educational needs.

The topic of “Introduction of Occupational Therapy”, presented by Zhechka Ivanova, impressed the participants with its wide spectrum of tasks and application in daily life. Zhechka shared that in her long years of experience, she has seen how the children achieve motor skills and independence though Occupational activities, how this is improving their quality of life and their chances to be part of the community.

Karin Dom has a vast experience in applying Occupational therapy (training of household and culinary skills, gardening and other) and art therapy for children with various deficiency (the use of different art techniques for making cards, martenitsi, Easter eggs, object modeling of cardboard, paper, making murals out of natural of textile materials). The results are easy to notice with the children – development of motor skills, improvement of the fine motor, concentration and gratification, and last but not least, the joy and smiles after a job well done.

The participants shared that the training was very useful in its specific practical advice given by our specialists and the ideas that can successfully be applied in the work with the children at the school.


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