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Partnership between Spring Common School and Karin Dom Center

13 June 2012

Between 7th and 12th of June at Karin Dom was set the foundation of our new partnership with Spring Common School, Huntingdon – the biggest special school in Cambridgeshire, the United Kingdom. Our guests were Mrs Kim Taylor – Head Teacher and Mrs Stela Plamenova Kouumdjieff – School Development Manager and Class Teacher.

In the English school, education receive children with special needs, complex physical and medical conditions and autism, as well as learning difficulties, all aged 3 to 19 years. Inclusive education is one of the priorities of the school.

On the 7th of June Karin Dom organized a seminar where our guests presented the experience of the school on working with children with special needs. The seminar gathered 84 teachers from kindergartens and schools in Varna, specialists and reource teachers from Varna, Sofia, Razgrad and other cities in Bulgaria.

The topics that the representatives of Spring Common School presented were focused on the preparation and structuring of the learning environment and on the process of the training itself.  They emphasized that the the individual place in the classroom is essential for each child. Moreover, all the approaches and methods used should be conformable to his/her special needs. Each small achievement is a vital step for a child and should be recorded because it motivates children, parents and teachers to keep on with the programmes with enthusiasm and confidence. 

Karin Dom highly appreciates Miss Tailor’s and Ms. Kouumdjieff’s desire to share their experience and discuss the practical aspects of therapy for children with special needs. In addition, we discussed future opportunities for cooperation and exchange between our two organizations.

Karin Dom’s team is grateful for the wonderful meetings and discussions:

“The training was practice-oriented and realy useful. It gave us many ideas and directions to work in… We can only regret that we only had limited time for experience exchange…”

“It would be useful to learn about their extracurricular activities – how they are organized, how interested and involved are the paretns, etc.”

“I can say one thing – Kim and Stela are great and they can help us with many ideas and practical advices – particularly for working with children with autism. I am really glad they were our guests at Karin Dom and I hope they will visit us again.”

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