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Open Doors Days: Project “Transfer of Practices to Improve Support for Children with Special Needs and Their Families for Inclusive Education”

30 June 2021

On July 22 and 23, Karin Dom will open its doors

for representatives of 12 kindergartens from Burgas district.

Karin Dom Training Center conducts a series of trainings related to building an inclusive environment for all children, partnering with parents and supporting the transition nursery-kindergarten-school.

The purpose of the visit is for representatives of kindergartens – principals and teachers to get acquainted with the environment, our practices and key moments for inclusion. This will provide an opportunity to build a better relationship with the teams and more successful and sustainable cooperation in the long run, and they will take ideas to implement in their classrooms.

Open doors days will help to develop partnerships and cross-sectoral cooperation, which is one of the main goals of the project.

Open doors days will be held in the implementation of the project “Transfer of Practices”, which is funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021


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