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The Eco Classroom at Karin Dom`s garden is now open

16 April 2014

On April 16th, the children at Karin dom and our team, along with our little friends from the “Drujba” kindergarten, celebrated the opening of the Eco Classroom, at the garden of the Centre. 

The Eco cottage is an interesting and educational place that can be visited by the children, their parents and all who have the wish to see the beauty of nature in all her shades. The eco enthusiasts will aim to introduce the children to the different kinds of animal and plant species – the classroom has a great deal of posters, pictures and games with animals, packets of dry herbs and plants, but also shovels, rakes and buckets, that will allow the children to study the rich nature in the garden around the cottage.

For the past 11 years, Karin Dom is an Eco school and a holder of a ”Green Flag” from the Foundation for Environmental Education. The Eco Classroom is part of the green initiatives in which the enthusiasts from Karin Dom actively participate, together with friends and volunteers.

The children and the ecologists mark the holidays of the eco calendar and take part in different green initiatives. For example: the recycling campaign, our campaigns for planting flowers, decorative bushes and trees at the Centre, the initiative “Let’s clean Bulgaria for one day” and other activities for preserving the bio variety – an ant farm, bird houses, etc. Among the children’s favorites is the art workshop where they use natural materials to create their works.

The ecologists from Karin Dom are working in the filed of ecology alongside with other non-profit organizations such as the Public Environmental Centre for Sustainable Development (Bulgaria), the “Sea Friends” club, the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds, “Zlatni Pyasatsi” Nature Park,  Speleo Club – Varna, Balchik Botanical Garden, Municipal children’s complex, kindergartens and schools that hold a Green Flag.

Toma, who is 11 years old, has been an active volunteer at Karin dom for the past 4 years. This is what he shared at the opening of the Eco Classroom:

“It’s very good that you have created an Eco Classroom because you are teaching the kids to protect nature and value ecology! I’ll keep helping whenever I can!”

Karin Dom is still looking and will be glad to accept volunteers who will participate in the eco activities and help with the garden. During the warm months, together we manage to turn the garden into an oasis that sends messages for eco-education and the growing of the voluntary and endowing culture.

Karin Dom is thanking again all who joined in the creation of the Eco Classroom! 

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