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Open Day for Montessori therapy

22 February 2011

As is a tradition in many countries around the world, Montessori Education Week is held in late February and early March.  For the first time this year, Bulgarian Montessori Association (BMA) together with childcare workers and educators using the Montessori system will celebrate Montessori Education Week in Bulgaria. In this context, organized many events to help promote the Montessori pedagogy in our country.

Celebrations will be held in three cities where there are Montessori centers for children from 1 to 6 years – Varna, Bourgas, and Sofia.

From 9.30 to 12.30 am on February 28th, Montessori groups at Karin Dom will open their doors in order to introduce themselves and share their interactive educational lives with visitors. Representatives from mainstream kindergartens, in the municipality of Varna, are invited to visit Karin Dom.
The program includes visiting the Montessori groups at the center and watching a movie that presents the Montessori therapy in Karin Dom.

Montessori therapy at Karin Dom Centre

Because of its visual and accessible presentation, the Montessori method is very suitable for teaching children with special needs. At Karin Dom, Montessori therapy is carried out by using the materials in a prepared environment and following the basic principles of the Montessori method – children feel safe and protected because they are in a situation where there are established rules and they are always respected – both for the children and the adults.

The basic principle of the Montessori system is the freedom and personal choice of the child. It allows children to engage in self-directed learning, to decide  which “window” of knowledge to open, at what stage of life.  It also allows for the adoption of certain skills and knowledge, which then allow a person to contribute to the development of society and the environment.

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