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Online Consultations of the Karin Dom Specialists Support the Bulgarians Abroad

23 June 2021

Hello, dear readers!

We are a family that has been living and working in UK for ten years! We have two children – a 5-year-old son Daniel with autism and a 12-year-old daughter who is normal! We will tell you about the specialists of Karin Dom, without whom we would not have been able to cope with the challenges we had to go through.

I learned from social media that Karin Dom organizes online consultations for parents abroad whose children have special needs. I did not hesitate to contact them (in that time we had no support here in England from any specialist).
We met online Zvezdi, Andreas and Steffi online more than a year ago. Our remote meetings started and after each consultation everything became easier and more successful. With my help, fully supported by the specialists of Karin Dom, Daniel’s condition began to improve. We are impressed by the specialists not only as professionals, but also as people we loved from our first meeting. They gave us hope, faith and, above all, strength that everything will happen and Daniel will become more and more social and will be able to cope with his daily needs on his own. Our sunny boy has difficulties in social development and gross motor skills. At each weekly meeting with the specialists of Karin Dom, I tell them how the previous days went, where Daniel encountered the most difficulties. They guide us on what exercises to do and with joint efforts we deal with every difficulty that arises on the way to the normal development of our child.

We thank Karin Dom with all our hearts! We believe that one day Daniel will be a full part of our society and have a better future!

Happy holiday of Karin Dom!
Greetings from London!

Petya Kitanova


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