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Trainings for Parents and Professionals at Karin Dom

17 January 2013

The new year at Karin Dom started with two trainings commissioned by Varna municipality in implementation of a project Humanism and Pragmatism in Education of Students with Special Educational Needs.

One of the trainings targeted 58 mainstream preschool teachers from Varna region for 9 consecutive days. The training aimed at helping teachers in recognizing various conditions and planning their day-to-day work with children aged 3 to 6 included in mainstream classroom. A number of topics were covered: from more general, as child development from birth to six, concepts and legislation, signs of learning difficulties in preschool age; through specific conditions and strategies for working with children with autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, childhood depressions; to developing individual programmes with clear and specific goals and objectives,  as well as the important topic of interaction and communication with the parents of children with special needs. 

The teachers were highly motivated, interested and regularly present at the training. They were happy with the new knowledge, their motivation and perception towards the children with special educational needs were influenced, they gained more confidence.

At the end of the training the participants shared:

“This was an opportunity for us to gain knowledge in the theoretical module and then to juxtapose with our observation of practical sessions”. The teachers felt “fully satisfied with the training”, “enriched with knowledge”, “happy with the information shared and the presentations”, with the videos and photos, as well as with the role play and the opportunities for discussions. The teachers declared their will to continue the partnership with Karin Dom through trainings and exchange of practical experience.

The second training introduced to 80 parents and teachers existing opportunities to use and adapt free web-based educational recourses. The participants learned how a variety of educational games, stories, etc. could be recreated in computer games and animations and consequently adapted according to the needs of each child. 

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