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Training at the Day Center for Children with Special Needs in Svistov

5 February 2013

Karin dom is a leader in the application of innovative and effective methods and models in the work with children with special needs in Bulgaria. The Center is unique and offers theoretical and practical training for specialists who work with children with special needs but also teachers, parents and students.

Since 2009 we have continuing partnership for exchange of experience with the Day Center for children with special needs in Svishtov. Annually for the specialists at the Day Center we organize training seminars with practical orientation in which we share the good practices and methods for therapy that have proven effective in our work with children with special needs. Following every seminar we organize supervisions – group and individual ones. We also offer follow up  training  at Center in Svishtov, which is in support to the specialists in the process of understanding and implementing effective models for the children that they work with. 

Supervision and follow up training took part in the Day Center in Svishtov from 28 January till 01.02. 2013. Special attention was given to the work with children with multiple disabilities and the organization of group activities for communication and physical activity.

Through the years the Day Center for children with special needs in Svishtov is developing and becoming one of the leading centers in the region. The specialist who have undergone the trainings that Karin dom offers acquire specific knowledge, skills and competences that they apply in their work and improve the development of the children that visit the center.

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