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Karin Dom held a series of training events for the specialists of “Vasil Drumev” Special School, Shumen

25 July 2016

Karin Dom’s training team held a series of training events for the teachers of the Special School in the city of Shumen – on July 4th at the school and on July 20th at Karin Dom. The trainings were led by: Zvezdelina Atanasova (Head of the Training Center and Method Expert with the Rehabilitation Center at Karin Dom), Andreas Andreou (Physiotherapist), Zhechka Ivanova (Montessori teacher) and Virginia Milkova (child psychologist).

They made an evaluation of the school environment and the need of change in it as well as the need for additional trainings for the teachers. Our team shared experience and gave their recommendation on:

  • Application of different methods and approaches for working with children with special needs, strategies for team work as well as the need for trainings for the teachers
  • Options for change in the supporting environment at the school and specific solutions for its structuring
  • The role and place of the specialists – speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, for supporting children with special educational needs as well as team work involving different specialist
  • Applying the Montessori methods in working with children with special needs. The effective use of the materials and how to adapt school environment for improving the use of the school material
  • Planning annual trainings for the teachers

Jointly with the school administration, the material base was reviewed in order to form an evaluation of the available resources. We talked with the teachers about the options for change and preparation of the environment before the start of the school year.

It is satisfying to see that a process of modernizing and adapting has begun in the school environment when it comes to the specific needs of the children. Still, schools are not accessible enough for children with complex conditions which makes it difficult for them to be included in the educational system.

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