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Specialists from Karin dom trained and helped the realization of the new Center for educational support for children with special educational needs in the city of Pleven

25 July 2016

The Special school “P.R.Slavejkov”- city of Pleven is one of the selected schools by the Ministry of Education and Science to be transformed into a Center for educational support for children with special educational needs from this autumn.

According to the changes in the Law on the pre-school and school education, children with special educational needs will teach in mainstream schools, while such Centers will provide them a therapeutic and educational support. Also, these education centers will provide education to children, for which experts consider that cannot be trained in a mass school.

At the invitation of the Director of the school Mr. Milen Nakov, our training team: Zvezdelina Atanasova (Director of the Centre for vocational training and the Methodist in the Rehabilitation Center at Karin dom), Andreas Andreu (physiotherapist), Zhechka Ivanova (Montessori educator) and Virginia Milkova (child psychologist), held an “Induction” (6-8 June) and “Upgrading” (3-15 July) trainings.

Within three days they shared the experience of Karin dom’s specialists, trained 19 specialists from the school for practical application of new approaches to work in a Montessori environment, structuring and visualization of the underlying environment as a whole.

Discussions were held on the various applicable methods and approaches for working with children, practical demonstrations of therapeutic sessions with children, consulting with families, as well as the development of a set of materials for structuring the environment, induction of the Montessori method.

This school currently undergoing renovations and preparatory activities in accordance with the recommendations of specialists from Karin dom. Recommendations were made for the purchase of specific Montessori materials with educational purposes, visual boards, work places, divided according to the deficit and the condition of each child, physiotherapy room, the so-called “soft room”, Art-Studio, sensory room, Speech Therapy room, etc.

We hope that our joint partnership will continue and soon we will be able to see the benefits for the children’s education.

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