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Nursing pillows offer comfort to us and our baby

9 July 2015

On July 7th, at the garden of Karin Dom, we had a presentation about the Deutch accessories for breastfeeding BUCKO. Stanimira Grabic, designer and creator of the innovative brand met us “by accident”. A few months ago she came to Karin Dom for the first time since she was a child, searching for memories. It turned out that Mira has spent the first years of her childhood at Karin Dom, along with her family. Back then, the house of the Stancioff family was a residence of military families, among them the family of Stanimira herself.

She wanted to look around the house and to remember the joyous moments she had spent here. On this day we just had put together our nursing spot, putting the first signs to inform the passing through mothers about the spot that is created especially for them.

Mira came to us after an hour and said: ,,There is no such thing as coincidence in life! I’m dealing with accessories for breastfeeding and I want to help Karin Dom, tell me how?”

During the past weeks we received from Germany 5 nursing pillows as well as 5 scarfs with which public nursing will no longer be a problem for the mothers. Those products are available at our nursing spot in the garden of Karin Dom and are for all mothers who want to use our free service.

On July 7th, Mira personally presented the BUCKO products and talked with the mothers about how to be comfortable during nursing. In Europe, the nursing pillows are part of the “to have” list of the families that are expecting. It’s important to know that the nursing pillows are not only for nursing mothers. Mothers who feed their babies with formula can also use them. If you are recovering from a C-section, the pillow can be of great help. They’re also good for people with waist and back problems.

Main benefits of the nursing pillows

Easing the pregnancy

Sleeping during the last trimester of the pregnancy is quite the challenge. The form, the stuffing and material of the BUCKO pillows is especially selected for your comfort.

It helps the baby to suckle better

The main function of the nursing pillows is to bring the baby closer to the mother’s body. This is of great importance if you want the baby to suckle well.

It helps with C-section recovery

As mentioned, the nursing pillow is a great choice if you’re recovering from a C-section. It keeps the incision safe and helps for quick recovery.

It makes for an easier baby reflux

Lots of babies have reflux and colic. If you feed your baby with proper holding, those problems can worsen. The nursing pillow helps for the right position and prevents reflux, colic and other stomach-intestine problems.

It supports the baby

It’s an interesting fact that the nursing pillows were initially made to help the baby sit straight. When the baby is ready (between 4-6 months), you can use the pillow for supporting the baby to sit.

It makes the muscles strong

The baby’s! You can put the baby on its tummy on the pillow. This will encourage her to use arms and legs and will strengthen the muscles.

We thank Stanimira for providing the beautiful products that will enrich our nursing spot.

Come visit our nursing spot!

Welcome are all mothers who are looking for a beautiful, quiet and comfortable place to nurse their baby.

Karin Dom’s nursing spot is located in our wonderful garden and is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 16:30. We also have a diaper spot and lavatory you can use.

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