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New methods for working with children with autism – International Autism Conference 2014

5 June 2014

More than 250 participants from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine and the Netherlands took part in the second International Autism Conference, organized by Karin Dom Foundation. 

The foreign lecturers shared the experience of Britain and the US on the subject and gave practical advice to parents and specialists, on the newest methods for working with children with autism and strategies on successful functioning in every day life.

Official guests of the event were the deputy mayor of Varna municipality, Doctor Lydia Marinova, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria.

The novelty in this year’s event was the opportunity for the Bulgarian specialists to present their experience in working with children from the autistic spectrum. University teachers, clinical psychologists, doctors, kinesitherapists and speech therapists, shared with the participants the research and experience from their practice in the field of autism

Doctor Bistra Vlassakova, the author of the idea for the International Autism Conference, presented the Virtual Autism Centre at Boston Children’s Hospital, which is a good opportunity for creating an integrating environment for working with children from the autistic spectrum. The Virtual Centre is making the work of the specialists easier, it coordinates their actions and provides the parents with adequate information.

The social stories provoked great interest in the audience, as a new kind of instrument for teaching the children from the autistic spectrum, which improves the understanding and communication. The occupational therapist, Diane Maxson, described the social stories as a way in which we can help the child with autism to understand the shades in communication. The subjects of diagnostics, medical interventions and vaccines were also discussed.

Here is some feedback from the participants:

“The practical purpose, the advice and the strategies, given by the lecturers, that I can use in my work, were of great value to me.”

“I had the opportunity to compare myself with what is being done in other countries on such immediate problem.”

“Karin Dom Foundation is an example for excellent work, communication with children and parents and desire for sharing their experience!”

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