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Karin Dom Welcomed Friends and Donors in the New Therapeutic Complex for Children with Special Needs that is Being Built in Varna

21 April 2022

Exactly one year after the first sod, Karin Dom invited its first guests to the new modern therapeutic complex for children with special needs. Fully designed and equipped for modern methods of work, the new center will be a source of pride not only for Bulgaria but also for any modern society for which the future of children is a top priority. Karin Dom will rely exclusively on donors for the equipment of the new complex. The construction of the new therapeutic center of Karin Dom is a specific project with a fully accessible environment, but it is also a space that must be in sync with children’s perceptions, a place where children can feel at home. That is why the efforts of the architects Biliana Assenova and Sasha Chabati are focused not only on functionality, but also on comfort in every part of the building. The new Karin Dom is located in the extended central part of Varna – between Doiran and Kiril Shivarov streets (behind Proektantska, in the yard of the high school dormitories). The total area of ​​the building is 2890 square meters and consists of one underground level for garage and warehouses, three above ground levels and a roof terrace. Karin Dom has ambitious goals and the new building will combine various functions – physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, early intervention center, Montessori center and children’s demonstration kitchen, diagnostic rooms, individual and group therapy, modern sensory room, medical center, training halls and administrative part, courtyard with two playgrounds.

More about the new Karin Dom and how you can support the project, see HERE!

More photos from the building and the event!

On April 20, at 10:00 a.m., Karin Dom welcomed leading companies in the already built building, which support the project and promote the development of the region. The meeting was opened by Mrs. Borislava Cherkezova, Executive Director of Karin Dom and Veselina Vasileva, Coordinator of the project for construction of the new center. The event was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Varna, which recognized and supported the project by donating a plot of land for construction and a representative of the contractor – Eng. Dian Georgiev, Director of Construction at Planex EOOD. Planex EOOD was chosen as the main contractor of the project after a competition. The company is also one of the largest corporate donors in the construction of the new building, taking on all the challenges of the market environment and organizing donation initiatives together with its team. A plaque was presented to Vladislava Vidinova (Vladi Vidal), author of the Montessori house logo Karin Dom. Her project was selected from more than 100 proposed designs following a national Karin Dom logo competition.

Exactly a year after the first sod, you can now see how much has been achieved. During the event, Karin Dom presented a new concept for therapeutic, health and social services for children and families all under one roof.

Karin Dom’s plans are to completely relocate its activities to the new complex in September.

You can see what the target needs for the completion of Karin Dom’s Therapeutic Complex are, as well as the various donation options, on the organization’s website HERE.

With the construction of the new specialized center, Karin Dom continues the work of the diplomat and philanthropist Ivan Stanchov, who founded the organization more than 25 years ago. Karin Dom is one of the first civil society organizations in Bulgaria to fight against the institutional care of children with disabilities and which has a completely new approach to children with special needs and their families. Ivan Stanchov started working with the idea of ​​creating a new model of services for children with special needs so that the abandonment of these children in homes could be stopped. He managed to persuade his family to donate their family villa “Three Wells” in the Sea Garden of Varna for the purposes of the foundation, which he named Karin Dom – after his first cousin Karin, born with cerebral palsy. In 1996 the first children entered the center, and some of the parents later established the first parent organizations in Varna. This marked the beginning of Karin Dom along with its mission and goals that it follows to date. A strong community of specialists, parents and donors was created, which is still strong today and thanks to which Karin Dom is currently building a modern therapeutic complex in Varna.

To date Karin Dom is housed in the donated villa, and over the years it has adapted the spaces for the purposes of therapy and education of children. Karin Dom is developing and growing as a therapeutic center for children with special needs, which employs highly qualified specialists: physiotherapists, rehabilitators, speech therapists, psychologists, special teachers, social workers, but also provides training to organizations and professionals. Every year Karin Dom supports over 300 children and families from all over the country.

You can see what the target needs for the completion of Karin Dom’s Therapeutic Complex are, as well as the various donation options, on the organization’s website HERE.

Despite the support that Karin Dom has, the funds will not be enough to complete and equip with specialized equipment and furniture the new therapeutic and training center. If you want to support Karin Dom, you can make a donation to support the purchase of the necessary furniture and the finishing works.

Thanks to the photographer of the event: Gergana Encheva

The meeting is organized as part of the implementation of Project: “Donation as a tool for support of important causes and building of an active civil society”, funded by AGORA Platform Association.

The support for Karin Dom Foundation is provided under the program “Development of philanthropy at the local level” by AGORA Platform Association and America for Bulgaria Foundation. The statements and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the Karin Dom Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the views of America for Bulgaria Foundation and its partners.

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