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We are Sending Off a Year Full of Challenges, but Also Many Successes and Fulfilled Dreams

28 December 2021

A very dynamic and full of challenges year has passed!

A year in which we continued to be close to families and children with special needs, we continued to be innovative and highly adaptable, offering solutions and opportunities in a year of ongoing changes and challenges in our society. The end of each year is a time to think about what we did, a time to give thanks, a time to set new goals and plans.

Therefore, on the eve of 2022, we would like to thank:

  • all 280 families who trusted us in 2021;
  • to the nearly 4,600 participants who trusted us in our 129 training events, which prepare parents and professionals how to support children to learn, develop as independent individuals, play and communicate with the world around them;
  • to all families, friends and partners who have trusted us for 25 years and with their help we make the lives of children with special needs happier and more fulfilling;
  • to the parents and professionals who trusted us and use the resources from our new digital library;
  • to all the volunteers and friends who supported us in 2021.

The past year has been very important for us – we started the construction of our new complex for health, social and educational services for children with special needs and their families. Despite the difficulties of the past year, our team realized that good ideas can happen when you have a plan, a motivated team and empathetic partners who believe that investing in children’s development and future is the responsibility not only of the state, but also of each of us. Many of our fellow citizens, many young people and businesses have been involved in a difficult year with whatever they can in our project for a new therapeutic complex. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This support is a sign that Varna has an engaged and supportive community.

What lies ahead in 2022? It is a matter not only of luck from the New Year’s cake, but also of faith, motivation and effort, what we want to achieve!

Here is what we wish to achieve in 2022:

  • to complete the new therapeutic complex and open its doors in the fall;
  • to launch the provision of a complex of services for families – children’s health center, diagnostic services, modern therapeutic services, including hydrotherapy, modern physiotherapy, occupational therapy, Montessori educational center, etc.;
  • to continue to develop the professionalism of the team – one of the upcoming goals is to certify our team in Bobat method for the therapy of children with motor difficulties;
  • to build a network of specialist doctors to upgrade the center’s diagnostic services.

Our team believes in the power and potential of every child, as well as in the power of every family! Therefore, in 2022 we will continue to work for more happy children and confident parents, inclusive kindergartens and schools and create an inclusive community. We will continue to assert ourselves as an organization that works nationally and internationally to support policies for children and families.

On behalf of the entire Karin Dom team, I wish you health, faith, love and strength to make your dreams come true! 

With much love,

Borislava Cherkezova, Executive Director of Karin Dom

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