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The New Logo of Karin Dom – Continuity, History, Success and Many Fulfilled Dreams

16 September 2022

Dear friends,

The official opening of the new center for social, health and educational services of Karin Dom is coming. In addition to a new building, fully adapted to our activities, Karin Dom is also changing its visual identity. The current Karin Dom logo was created more than 25 years ago and won over our team with its concept of home, sunny mood and smiles.

As an organization that never stops developing, we strive to develop our vision, contemporary look and touch more people with our work and mission. We are an organization that communicates actively and transparently. We love to share achievements, experiences and never stop dreaming.

In our concept for the new logo of Karin Dom, we started from the idea of preserving the identity built over the years, but also developing our vision, according to the new goals, aspirations for development and an up-to-date visual concept.

25 years of history

For its 25-year history, the Karin Dom logo has managed to establish itself as a recognizable and distinctive symbol of faith in the future of children with special needs in our country. The current Karin Dom logo was created more than 25 years ago in London and won over the team with its concept of home, sunshine and smiles. We wanted to preserve and develop this identity.

Karin Dom is one of the first in Bulgaria to create an alternative to institutions model for services for children with special needs and their families. It was founded in 1996 by from Ivan Stancioff, who attracted and inspired donors and specialists to prove that there are no uneducable children.

Part of the goals set before us to change attitudes in our society towards children with special needs have already been achieved thanks to the long-term efforts of civil organizations, parents, specialists, teachers, institutions, donors and volunteers.

The raising of children in institutions, the barriers to the inclusion of children with special needs in school, the isolation of children and their families and the ignoring of their problems from the eyes of society have changed.

Our new logo is an expression of this change. On breaking the stereotype, dogma and isolation of children with special needs and the belief that we can give them a hand, give them wings for an independent and happy life. Throughout its history, Karin Dom has been an innovator, initiator and motivator committed to children’s development and future. We move forward with confidence in the need for early support and faith in the power of the family, with whom we are the strongest team.

We are very happy that our concept was recognized and developed by the designer Vladislava Vidinova (Vladi Vidal). In Vladi’s proposed redesign, the sun impressed us with its uniqueness and the idea of ​​breaking the model and dogmas towards children, the message of flight and the wings it gives them. We liked her cheerfulness, warmth. We liked the overall vision and message. Vladi, who is also the author of the logo for our Montessori House, has worked for large international companies, has published several children’s books with illustrations in Bulgaria and abroad.

The new complex of Karin Dom is an expression of the change that we have been striving for for more than a quarter of a century – a change for children, their parents and specialists. We have created an environment for early childhood development, for the exchange of knowledge and a shared space for families, volunteers and professionals. In the new building, we have the opportunity to offer more and more complex services for children and families to support their daily life and inclusion in kindergartens and schools.

In one place, under one roof, we offer a complex of services for early support and therapy, a variety of methods to stimulate children’s development from 0 to 7 years old. We believe that Karin Dom should continue to radiate self-confidence, faith in the future of everyone children and a sunny mood. We accept every child and every person with a focus on their possibilities and potential.

Our change is growth, development and active communication with children and their families, parents seeking support and knowledge, with colleagues, partners, donors and volunteers. We run regular advocacy campaigns and work to change policies at national and international levels. We strive for a change in public attitudes towards children and people with special needs and their wholesome life.

Our logo reflects our belief in the family and the development opportunities of all children.

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