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The Construction of the New Karin Dom Building Has Started

12 April 2021

Today we made the first step of the construction of the long-awaited new building of Karin Dom. The plot has an area of ​​2450m2 located in the extended central part of Varna – between the “Doiran” and “Kiril Shivarov” streets (Behind the Proektantska building, in the yard of the high school dormitories).

The official ceremony was attended by: The Mayor of Varna, Ivan Portnih, Kosta Bazitov, Deputy Mayor, Eng. Hristo Dimitrov – Manager of “Planex” Ltd., contractor, Maya Doneva – Executive Director of Karin Dom, project coordinator – Veselina Vasileva, Georgi Bogdanov (Chairman of the Board), the Karin Dom team, parents, donors and friends. We thank Father Mihail for the good wishes and appraisal of everyone’s efforts!

The foundation stone was specially selected and brought by Karin Dom’s team from the garden of the currently functioning building. This event has marked the symbolic start of the new center which aims to continue the mission to provide comprehensive services for children with special needs and their families and to support their successful inclusion, but now in more comfortable and fully adapted conditions. Our little friends Bobby and Mitko greeted the guests with wonderfully performed poems!

This long-awaited first step took place on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Karin Dom which started its therapeutic activity in 1996.

Photos: Yana Peneva. Link to all photos

Video: Redzheb Shabanov – watch it here

The entire work of Karin Dom is currently gathered under the roof of the former villa of the Stanchovi family, built in 1908, which does not functionally meet the needs of the organization to develop its therapeutic programs and trainings. Therefore, in 2019, the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Varna decided to donate a piece of land to Karin Dom in order to construct a new building. Funding for this new building is provided to Karin Dom by the Velux Foundations. In 2019, Karin Dom launched its long-held dream and officially announced the opening of an international architectural competition for the conceptual design of the new center.

“Almost a quarter of a century ago, after returning to Bulgaria, Ivan Stanchov made a big dream come true – he created Karin Dom with a lot of love in difficult times for our society and an even more difficult future for children with special needs. He dreams of love and education for every child. For 25 years Karin Dom’s dreams continue to be bold and with a vision for the future, embodying love for children and support for their families. Today, this bold dream continues to live, to develop in line with the evolving needs of our society. Our team continues the belief of its founder, Ivan Stanchov, that there are no impossible things and dreams must be followed! The construction of the new therapeutic and educational center of Karin Dom is our next bold dream-future for every child. “- said the Executive Director of the Karin Dom Foundation, Maya Doneva.

At the beginning of March 2020, an international jury announced the winner of the competition – UNAS Studio – Biliana Assenova (Bulgaria) and Sasha Chabati (Italy) – a team based and operating in Berlin. The project won thanks to its precise solutions, compact interior space and maximum preserved green areas among 174 projects from 48 countries on 5 continents. The procedure for selection of a constructor was carried out according to the requirements and instructions of the Velux Foundations and attracted the interest of 11 companies of which 9 submitted their bids. The best offer with regard to price and term of implementation was that of “Planex” Ltd., which, in addition to being a partner with proven experience in construction, was also included as a donor with respect to the social cause of Karin Dom. This is how we came to today’s first step which we hope in a year will lead to Varna having one of the most modern therapy centers in Bulgaria.

The new building aims to create an environment for early childhood development, knowledge sharing and shared space for families, volunteers and professionals. It will offer more and more comprehensive services for children and families to support their daily lives and inclusion in kindergartens and schools. The total area of ​​the building is 2890 square meters and consists of one underground level for garage and warehouses, three above ground levels and a roof terrace.

Karin Dom has ambitious goals and the new building will combine various functions – physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, early intervention center, Montessori center and children’s demonstration kitchen, diagnostic rooms, individual and group therapy, sensory room, medical center, training halls and administrative part, courtyard with two playgrounds.

Despite the support that Karin Dom has, the funds will not be enough to finalize and purchase specialized equipment and furniture for the new therapeutic and training center. If you want to support Karin Dom, you can make a donation to purchase equipment for the new therapeutic and training center with DMS KARIN DOM at number 17 777 

The team of over 40 specialists of Karin Dom annually supports more than 300 children and families from Varna and the country, trains over 1200 specialists working in the field. From its inception in 1996 to 2020, a total of 2,756 children have received services at Karin Dom. From 2011 to 2020 986 children from 0 to 3 years of age were included in the “Early Intervention” program of Karin Dom. The main activities are: therapy and rehabilitation, early intervention and integration, training and advocacy.

Thanks to everyone whose support and efforts made the development of this great project possible!

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