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Our team: Meglena Palamudova

14 July 2011

Her name is Meglena Palamudova, but all of us at Karin Dom and the parents know her as Meggie. She has been part of the team since 2004. Meggie is the first person to welcome everyone who enters Karin Dom. We present her to you now with her thoughts about her work at Karin Dom Centre.

I have been part of the team at Karin Dom now for 7 years. Here is my story. 18 years ago I was involved in an accident and recieved a spinal cord injury – as a result I am in a wheelchair. 

My first meeting with Karin Dom was at a training in mobility. The training was attended by two physiotherapists from the center, who acted as volunteers. After the training I was invited by the Executive Director to see Karin Dom Center and was offered a job as a secretary. I was more than surprised as I never dreamed that I would be given such an offer.

I often thought that it would be difficult to find a job and make a career because of my health problems. My friends advised me against imagining that any employer would hire me. Also there are many architectural barriers that people with special needs have in the Bulgarian environment. In short, I felt worthless and useless. I registered myself at the employment office, but deep in my heart I did not believe I would start working.

But fate had decided otherwise. I met with wonderful people from the Karin Dom team that never made me feel different. The environment and the colleagues here gave me wings. My work here is what I wanted and it makes me happy. With every passing day I feel more stronger, more independent, and more confident.

Today I can say that I feel like a complete person and parent, thanks to the people who reached out and opened their hearts to me. I am proud to be part of the team of Karin Dom!

I hope that more employers will follow Karin Dom’s example and give a chance for people with limited opportunities to develop their potential!

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