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Karin Dom Presented the “Ivan Stancioff” Awards on the Eve of the Enlighteners’ Day ⏰

2 November 2023

On the eve of the National Enlighteners’ Day, Karin Dom launched its new initiative to create a Children’s Fund.

During the official event “Today You Are the Enlightener”, dedicated to the founder of Karin Dom, Ambassador Ivan Stancioff, Karin Dom presented awards in his memory. The winners of the awards are representatives of socially responsible businesses, educational institutions and individuals with a contribution to the work of Karin Dom and children with special needs.


See photos from the event – photographer Redzeb Shabanov


Three companies received the “Ivan Stancioff” award for responsible business and partner in the name of children:

Radoslava Koleva, Cargill Bulgaria

Cargill Bulgaria

The company is a long-time friend and partner of Karin Dom. One of the causes the company actively supports at an international level is early childhood learning. The joint efforts of Karin Dom and Cargil Bulgaria are also aimed in this direction. During the last year, thanks to the company, Karin Dom started the project: “Early Support for Children from 3 to 8 years from Varna and the Country through a Weekly Intensive Therapy in Karin Dom”, which provides an opportunity for intensive therapy to 30 families from Varna and the country.

Boyan Dimitrov, Fantastic Services Bulgaria

Fantastic Services Bulgaria

Fantastic Services is a long term supporter of Karin Dom through its participation in various campaigns. For the past year, their team has volunteered to move our materials to the new building, supported our birthday financially, but their biggest contribution has been to our transition to green energy. Thanks to them, we have 27 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our new building, with a total power of 14.85 kW, which since their installation at the end of February 2023 by the end of October reduced our energy costs by BGN 3600.

Kristina Ilieva, CluneTech


For years, Karin Dom has relied on the volunteers of the company which, to further motivate its employees, provides one working day to any employee for volunteering. The volunteers got involved in the Christmas and Martenichka campaigns for Karin Dom and has been an outstanding contributor to raising funds for Karin Dom’s therapeutic programs. The company prioritizes building long-term partnerships and supports strategic programs such as our joint project “Investment in Human Capital – Investment in the Future of Karin Dom”.

Ivan Stancioff Award for contribution to policies for children and inclusive education

Kindergarten “Margaritka”, the award was received by the director – Mrs. Lyutskanova

Kindergarten No38 “Margaritka” – Municipality of Varna

Kindergarten No38 “Margaritka” is one of the long-standing partners of Karin Dom, which works for the full development of children and cooperation between teachers and parents. It participated in the trainings of Karin Dom for teachers and successfully partnered on several projects. That kindergarten is distinguished by the fact that the teachers are dedicated and children with special needs are very well socialized, accepted and supported. Parents give very good feedback and are satisfied. The environment in the kindergarten is tailored to the needs of the children. The support team and teachers are very creative, they also work well with parents.

Ivan Stancioff Award for personal contribution to policies for children and inclusive education

Galya Koycheva

Galya Koycheva – parent of one of the children who have been coming to Karin Dom since the very beginning. She herself received support in Karin Dom’s parenting groups, which help families gain the confidence and knowledge to support their children and protect their interests.

Galya then became a parent asset to the school and the services her son received, as well as the boards of several non-governmental organizations in the social sector. As a strong civil activist and rights advocate, he is involved in campaigns and policy development for people with disabilities. She is one of the founders of the Sunny House Day Center for Adults with Disabilities. From an active parent, she entered the social sphere professionally, graduated in social management and psychology, and is now a psychologist at the Center for Protected Employment for Disabled Youth at the Higher Institute of Management in Varna.

Zhechka Ivanova

In a very personal ceremony for us, we presented another special award to Zhechka Ivanova, a colleague, a dedicated specialist and a wonderful person. She has been involved with the cause of Karin Dom since its inception and the person from whom we have all learned and been inspired as a team.

She received recognition as a person and colleague with merit not only to Karin Dom, but also to the hundreds of children who have relied on a helping hand and professionalism from her as a person, a specialist and then as a representative of Karin Dom.

The award was for her personal contribution and long-term work for the welfare of children.



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