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Internship at Karin Dom

28 February 2012

Montessori teacher from Sofia, Miroslava, was on internship at Karin Dom in the week between February 20 to 24. Here’s how she described the experience in her blog:

Thank you!
Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Karin Dom Foundation in Varna and to be an intern in their center for working, training and therapy for children with special needs. Since everything happened very quickly and unexpectedly, for the first time I went off to somewhere without having any plans or expectations. And the  people, children and things that I had the opportunity to get acquainted with, meet, feel and become aware of, gave me many positive emotions, inspiration and creative potential.

First thing I met was the sea. For the first time I saw the sea in winter and this in itself was a cause for rejoicing for me. But those wonderful and numerous swans that were calmly walking along the sand and drifting at sea were already a cause for moments of pleasure and excitement!

In the coming days I was fortunate to meet great people and professionals from “Karin Dom”, whose love, peace and patience, exuding from their actions in working with children, highly impressed me and gave me new faith, strength and energy to go forward. And my meetings with the wonderful children who visited the center, left a strong impression on me and I will certainly think of them very often and for a long time! This week in Varna left a deep mark on me and THANK YOU are the words by which I can give expression to what is happening!

Thank you, sea! Thank you, ladies from “Karin Dom”! Thanks, kids! (I will not mention names, lest I forget anyone)
Thank you, Life!

We, from Karin Dom, are very grateful to Miroslava for the wonderful words and wish her success in the wonderful profession that she has chosen!

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