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Music is the language of the soul where, words are missing

22 June 2017

Karin Dom provides a complex of high quality therapeutic services in support of the children with special needs and their families. Each year, more than 300 children and families receive therapy from the specialist of Karin Dom. These are children with various conditions and needs who, from an early age, receive support for their development and inclusion at kindergarten and school.

A therapy that the Center provides is music therapy – scientifically therapeutic method with proven result, through which the progress of the child is encouraged. Led by our qualified specialist, this kind of therapy calms the children down and aids their concentration, stimulating the central nerve system and breathing.

The children at Karin Dom have the need of this modern kind of therapy and in order to provide it, we turned to all of you to support the DMS Campaign “Music Therapy for our Special Children”.

The music therapy at Karin Dom is organized according to the therapeutic goals, set by the team, the current emotional state and last but not least, the child’s choice. Regardless if it’s an individual or group session, the music therapy with the children at Karin Dom is becoming a recognizable and bright moment, not only for the children but also for their parents.

We want to give our big thanks to “One World” Foundation for the funds of 7800BGN in support of our cause! We also want to thank all who took part and helped us so we can continue the music therapy for the children at Karin Dom.

“One World” Foundation is financing various projects for children all over the world, giving all children an equal chance, no matter their social or health status. Together, with all of you, we managed to raise the needs sum of 11 700 with which the therapeutic session will be provided for the next 18 months.

We also want to thank all our partners who supported us unconditionally and helped us make this campaign”BNT, Hype Communication,, magazine “The Woman Today”, magazine “The First Seven Months”,, Advertising Center “Extreme”.

Music has its special place in the daily life of the children with special needs.

Karin Dom has a qualified specialist in the field of music therapy – Tanya Atmadhzova who has graduated with a Master’s degree in music therapy from Universitätät der Künste Berlin.

“Even with the lack of verbal of verbal skills, the needs of the children can be adequately met by observing their physical and emotional reactions. It’s a space with no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, loud is allowed as much as quiet and rhythmic and not rhythmic is just a chat with the drums”, Tanya says.


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