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We Are Opening Our Doors for Children and Families in a New Modern Complex with an Eco-friendly Interior

7 September 2022

We would like to highlight the flooring used in our new building – natural linoleum, as this is the most commonly used flooring in kindergartens and schools in Germany and other countries, and is still less used in our country. Linoleum is made from natural raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, limestone, pine resin and jute. The color of the granules comes from organic pigments and natural iron oxide. Thanks to this composition, linoleum is an antistatic, antiallergenic and antibacterial material. During its production and in the process of use, there are no toxins harmful to humans and the environment. It is a warm floor due to its excellent insulating qualities. Linoleum is also a comfortable floor, with its softness it relieves the pressure on the joints. Additional advantages are its soundproofing qualities, which is an important indicator when working with children.

We are grateful to the “Social Protection” Fund at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, with whose financial assistance we were able to put this flooring on level 2 in our new building with the implementation of the project “Building a Space for Social Support – an Innovative and Modern Opportunity for Training and Social Integration of Children with Special Needs, Their Peers and Families”.

The “Social Protection” Fund is a secondary allocator of budget credits to the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, established pursuant to Art. 25 of the Social Assistance Act.

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