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First Training for The Team of “Iglika” Kindergarten in the District of Vinitsa under the “A Place for Every Child” Project

25 October 2021

The specialists from Karin Dom Dimana Miteva-Naidenova – psychologist and Vanya Yordanova – speech therapist met with teachers, specialists and assistant educators from Childcare center No. 13 “Iglika” for his first training under the “A Place for Every Child” project.

Within the project, we will work to improve the inclusive environment in the kindergarten and upgrade the knowledge and skills of the team in the direction of inclusive education of children with special needs.

The training covers topics developed under programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, namely “Building a supportive and inclusive environment” and “Working in a structured environment”, which will earn teachers 2 credits, and for teaching assistants there will be a possibility to issue a document for part of a profession from the Karin Dom Center for Inclusive Education. The training will be divided into several parts, so that we can comprehensively, adequately and in detail cover all hot topics and questions, as well as work on specific cases and situations. Together, the specialists from Karin Dom and the team of “Iglika” kindergarten will look for the most effective solutions in the issues of inclusive education.

We are happy to share “Iglika” kindergarten in Vinitsa district is a garden with a very well built, well thought out and structured inclusive environment, for the upgrading and improvement of which we are ready to share our experience and are happy to work together. There are more trainings, supervisions, succession events, etc. to come for the project.

On the project, we will work together on the “Call an Expert” and “Junior Supporting Teacher” programs.

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