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April 14 “With Montessori at Home” Webinar for Parents

24 March 2022

Karin Dom invites you to the webinar for parents “With Montessori at Home”

When: April 14, 2022 from 13.30 to 15.00

Where: Online on Zoom

Admission is free!

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What is the Montessori Method?

More than a century ago, referring to her medical knowledge and observations, Dr. Maria Montessori shared a number of scientific facts (psychological and physiological) related to the education and upbringing of children. She created a pedagogical system that follows the natural development of the child, so that the child receives support for the acquisition of a skill at a time when it can be most easily mastered. The Montessori Method is especially relevant today. Many parents recognize it as an opportunity to support the development of their own children.

The upcoming webinar is practical and is suitable for parents of children from 2 to 6 years. We will discuss:

  • Creating a supportive environment at home according to the principles of the Montessori Method of teaching and education;
  • Guidelines how to create at home Montessori materials to meet the needs of the child in the process of his/her development in the areas of practical life, sensory development, language and speech, mathematics, space learning, fine motor skills, attention and concentration.

These and other issues will be discussed together with the Montessori teachers Zhechka Ivanova and Svetla Todorova.

Zhechka Ivanova and Svetla Todorova have many years of experience in teaching children the method of Maria Montessori and are the authors of the book “Montessori Family Cooking”, published and distributed by Karin Dom. You can order the book here.

In the Montessori Family Cooking book, culinary tasks are in line with the Montessori Method and are used as a means of developing fine motor skills and imagination, as well as the acquisition of knowledge refracted through the prism of Karin Dom’s experience in working with children. Each recipe in the book is a pre-planned educational activity with which the child can acquire and practice knowledge of areas important for the child’s development (“Practical Life”, “Sensory”, “Mathematics”, “Space”, “Language and Speech”) in the prepared Montessori environment.


Magdalena Tsoneva – Training Center Manager

Phone: 0878 302 517, e-mail:

The webinar is organized as part of the implementation of Project “Transfer of practices to improve support for children with special needs and their families for inclusive education”, funded by the Active Citizens Fund of Bulgaria under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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