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First Meeting of the Project “My Message in My Language!”

20 July 2023

We successfully started work with youth under the “My Message in My Language” project.

On 17.07 we welcomed young people aged 15-29 in the building of Karin Dom, with whom we launched a series of interesting, useful and meaningful activities that will take place in the framework of our project. First, we told them about Karin Dom and its history, about Karin and Mr. Stanchov. We gathered sunny, positive and motivated young people with a variety of hobbies and interests, with whom we talked in a pleasant informal atmosphere about the benefits of getting involved in the activities and the essential importance of youth participation in building an active civil society. We played some ice-breaking games and created a nice atmosphere for sharing, getting to know each other and making contacts and new friends.

Photographer: Gergana Encheva

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