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Modeling New Services for Children with Disabilities in Bulgaria

This project aims to contribute to a successful de-institutionalisation in Bulgaria by training professionals who will support two target groups of children with disabilities – children who will be leaving institutional care to integrate into the community and children whose abandonment will be prevented. The project will use Karin Dom’s model of best practice to help develop new services throughout Bulgaria.

Activities of Karin Dom Training and Recourse Centre

  • Setting up a separate training unit at Karin Dom
  • Equipping premises for training and practical demonstration purposes
  • In-house training for trainers and study visits,
  • Developing training modules and a training programme,
  • Building a partnership with universities from Bulgaria and abroad,
  • Participation in events for sharing experience – seminars, workshops, conferences,
  • Developing and launching online trainings

Implementation of a training programme at a national scale

  • Campaign for promotion of training opportunities,
  • Organizing a national conference on the topic of “alternative care for children with special needs”,
  • Pilot trainings for interested service providers: NGOs, municipal structures, etc.

Public lectures for raising awareness for children’s rights, disability rights, philanthropy, voluntary work, fundraising and related topics.

With this project Karin Dom starts a large-scale initiative aiming at expansion of the training capacity and responding to the growing needs of vocational trainings of professionals working with children with special needs.

Implementation period

January 2013 - March 2016

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Contact person

Apostol Apostolov, PhD
телефон: + 359 (0) 52 302 517