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Project “Youth space for entrepreneurship and ecology”

Aim of the project:

To provide opportunities for 25 young people aged 15-29 to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of social entrepreneurship and ecology by engaging in activities in which they will be the main driving force. A youth space for non-formal discussions and trainings, debates and meeting will be created in Karin dom within the project. The space will

Space will meet the principles of sustainable development, green thinking and youth inclusion. It will also play the role of a shared open-air workplace – a place for young future and current entrepreneurs, environmentalists and people with ideas that need a creative environment close to nature. Main in the project will also be the inclusion of young people with special needs who have succeeded in one or another are – sports, theater, music, paining, etc.


1. Selection of participants – in the beginning of June there will be an invitation posted on the web site and the FB page of Karin dom. There will be an application deadline after which, at the end of June, 25 young people will be selected to join the project and they will be officially announced.

2. Trainings, workshops and establishing the youth space:

– Training #1 “Green is important to me!”: Topics for sustainable development, and urban environment will be discussed; why it is important to have green areas in the cities, how the garden of Karin dom can be enjoyed more effectively by young people. The focus of the discussion will be on designing the youth space – how young people see the perfect youth open-air space – functions, content, and management.

– Training #2 “Social inclusion”: In this training young people with special needs will participate more actively. We will also talk about social inclusion /and how to prevent social exclusion of these people.

– Workshop #1 “To create a space” – to create the youth space – renewing the space, improvement of the environment, and buying materials and equipment.

– Youth picnic – the Youth space will be officially opened.

– Training and workshop #3 “I CARE”- Training will be led by people with experience in working in the non-governmental sector, developing and managing causes and initiatives; people working the social sphere and with experience in working with young people. Participants will be distributed into 5 groups by 5 participants. They will discuss initiatives, events and causes focused on young people with special needs and will choose one to develop in their own mini-project.

3. Final practice – Mini-projects implementation

Projects might be informative, charity, volunteer, educational, sports, fundraising, etc. The main requirement is to be directed to people with special needs, especially young people.

Photo credit: Miryana Buchkova

Implementation period

01 June - 30 September 2019

Financed by

Youth activities Program of Varna Municipality

Contact person

Darina Raykova
телефон: +359 52 302 518