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International Autism Conference

17 June 2013

A prominent event organized by Karin Dom in the period, was the International Autism Conference held from 10th to 12th of June in St. St Constantine and Helena Resort. It gathered 280 participants from the whole country, as well as professionals from Turkey, Greece and Romania. The conference provoked interest in a varied audience – professionals directly engaged in working with children with special needs, parents, students, and also university teachers and representatives of the medical community.

The conference was organized as a response to the growing needs of raising knowledge in the field of autism, introducing new trends in working with children with ASDs and supporting the use of various approaches, some of which being already implemented at Karin Dom. In three days through series of lectures and seminars tutors from the USA presented to the audience topics, such as: screening, medical evaluation and therapies for autism; positive behavior interventions and support; specifics of the anesthesia for the children with autism; as well as sensory processing and its connections to the motor coordination and motor planning.   

The participants were satisfied with the high professional level of the lecturers and with the new knowledge they gathered. 

Our aim is to make this conference an annual event. The preparations for the next conference have already begun. The support of friends, followers, organizations and the business is important for the implementation of an international forum of this scale. If you would like to join our efforts – please contact us.

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