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Are we ready for first day of school – an inspiring meeting for parents

25 June 2015

On June 19th 2015, we held a themathic meeting on the topic of “Are we ready for the first day of school” presented by Karin Dom’s psychologists Tsvetalina Yosifova, Angelina Kostova and Zhenislava Sapundzhieva, Director “Services for Children and Families”

More than 30 participants, among which 25 parents, Karin Dom professionals and representatives from different institutions, took part in the event.

Mrs. Lidiya Shirokova, Director of Resource Center shared that “Karin Dom is a pioneer in the training of parents” and also that its professionals are among the finest when it comes to expert and objective assessment of the children!

We want to thank the parents of children who used to visit Karin Dom, for sharing their experience in their school environments. Elisaveta Lefterova (mother of Philip and Lucy) shared her positive expectations with the other parents, moving us all. She added that the support of Karin Dom and the work with the children is a great part of their current success. We thank Daniela (mother of Elina), George (father of Anton) who told us about their challenges and successes, to Villie’s mother for the lovely letter and advice.

The meeting was very beneficial, inspiring and supportive for all participants! There were many current questions to which we got answers and many new initiatives were created. Many of the parents of children with special educational needs are motivated to integrate their children in mainstream schools and this is the beginning of a process during which the so needed changes in the environment and people’s attitude and the mutial acceptance will become a fact.

We thank all participants! Expect more for information on our upcoming themathic meetings (like us on Facebook to get updates) and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the raising of your children!

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