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Sensory-motor Activities at Karin Dom with Andreas Andreou, Physiotherapist

10 March 2021

As part of our project Additional support for children with special needs and their families at Karin Dom financially supported by the Medicor Foundation, children are also involved in activities to improve their sensory-motor and motor development. Sensory-motor activities also include consultation with parents, who help them with some daily routines and activities that can help the family in everyday life. The activities support the motor development, the better concentration of the children, an individual assessment of development is made, work is done to overcome some sensory deficits. In family-mediated groups we work with parents in a way that they can transfer and develop everything achieved in the group in the daily lives of children.

The sessions are held with Andreas Andreou – a physiotherapist with many years of experience in Karin Dom and working with children. Due to the pandemic, the sessions are held both online and in the yard of Karin Dom and the therapy center, in a team or individually. With the younger children we conduct the activities in the Toy Library, where the parents are actively involved.

Sensory-motor activities are part of a family-mediated intervention, but are done outdoors due to the measures around COVID-19. Some of the exercises from the sensory circle are performed in different environments, including outdoors. The class lasts 1 hour. It includes all activities previously performed in a protected therapeutic environment. Each child participates in the activity with an individual program for repetitions, loads and series, but follows the group sequence, which is specially selected according to the specifics of the children.

Activities to improve the sensory-motor and motor development of children. are supported by the Medicor Foundation, an independent charity based in Liechtenstein. In 2020 Karin Dom has launched its partnership with the Medicor Foundation to provide therapy and counseling to children with special needs and their families. The project will cover children with special needs aged 0-8 years who visit Karin Dom, and will provide additional opportunities for inclusion in family groups, training for parents and family members, consultations – social and psychological, group activities, guidelines for work in the home environment and others.



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