» Support us in our Martenitzi Campaign 2016

Sveti Nikola

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Support us in our Martenitzi Campaign 2016

13 January 2016

Let‘s get to it, to tie white and red thread, let us be united and strong, let‘s drive evil away and invite the new, fruitful beginning.

The custom of putting on a martenitsa, is one of the oldest Bulgarian traditions, uniting all Bulgarians, whereever they are. The Martenitsa is a symbol of new beginning and in folk‘s legends, it drives evil away, protecting us from harm.

This year, yet again, we count on you, dear friends!

We want to invite all of you, to make and send beautiful martenitsi until February 20th, 2016, in support of our cause. You can send the martenitsi to:

Karin Dom
Sveti Nikola P.O.Box 104
Varna 9010, Bulgaria

or you can bring them at Karin dom (behind Piccadilly Park, in the Sea Garden of Varna).

The funds, gathered from the Martenirsa campaign will be used for the therapy of the children visiting Karin Dom for therapy.

Thank you!

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