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Martenitzi Campaign 2017

23 January 2017

Baba Marta is just around the corner and with that it’s time for our Martenitza Campaign 2017. Each year many of our friends participate in making martenitzi that we receive during the month of February. To us, it’s a great support, showing your empathy for the children with special needs!

We want to invite all of you, old and new friends, to make and send us your beautiful, colorful martenitzi till February 20th 2017. Karin Dom once again puts their fate in your handy hands, imagination, sense of beauty and tradition, and most of all, your big hearts!

We have 2 options for sending the martenitzi:

• you can bring them at Karin Dom’s reception (behind Piccadilly Park located in the Sea Garden of Varna)

• you can mail them to us at: Sveti Nikola P.O.Box 104 ,Varna 9010, Bulgaria “For Martenitza Campaign 2017”

The funds, raised by the Martenitza Campaign will be used to buy materials and equipment, suitable for stimulating the vestibular senses of children with sensory deficiencies. The equipment will help with the therapy of children with autistic spectrum disorders, multiple disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, hyperactivity, attention disorders and other.

We believe that with your help, we will turn this idea into reality!


Photo by:, Lyuben Petrov, 2012

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