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The Speech Therapist with a Good Heart 2022 Campaign has Started. See How to Sign Up for a Free Consultation!

17 February 2022

In March 2022 Logopedia.BG organizes for the fourth year a campaign for free consultations with leading speech therapists. This year’s campaign is entitled “We are here to help you” and focuses on the need to support families in building language and communication skills in children in times of limited social contacts, as well as improving understanding of the importance of speech therapy in early childhood. The aim of the campaign is to provide access to a consultation with prominent speech therapists from all over the country and to promote the work of speech therapists. The initiative enjoys great interest from parents and our participation so far has clearly shown how limited is the access of Bulgarian children to qualified speech therapy.

The speech therapists who take part in the campaign work entirely on a voluntary basis, guided by their love for children.

We are very happy that Karin Dom will join the initiative, and six of our colleagues will participate in the campaign with online consultations:

  • Nikoleta Yoncheva March 1-11
  • Svetlana Angelova March 1-15
  • Aneta Morfova March 1-11
  • Vanya Yordanova March 7-11
  • Plamena Burodzhieva March 1-15
  • Svetla Lazarova

The time of the campaign for free consultations with a speech therapist was not chosen by chance. In March we celebrate the European Day of Speech Therapy (March 6), which Bulgarian speech therapists recognize as their professional holiday.

More information about the campaign for free speech therapy consultations can be found on the website HERE!

To book an appointment for a free consultation, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to
  • From the main menu, select Speech Therapists
  • Enter which city you are interested in in the search box. The consultants of Karin Dom are from the city of Varna, but they can consult with families from all cities, as they will consult online.
  • See the profiles of the specialists and choose who you want to book an appointment with.
  • Contact the speech therapist and book your time according to his schedule.
  • The organizers of the campaign do not commit to having free time with specialists. Please note that they are subject to availability.

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