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“Speech Therapist with a Good Heart” Campaign has Launched

26 January 2023

In March 2023 Logopedia.BG organizes for the fifth time its “Speech Therapist with a Good Heart” Campaign for free consultations with leading specialists.

Karin Dom will participate in consultations in the period 20 Feb – 10 Mar 2023. The following specialists will take part:

Nikoleta Yoncheva – Doctor of Speech Therapy, specialist in early childhood development, nutrition, behavior and communication, breastfeeding consultant, with many years of experience in working with families, as well as specialist training. !Reached capacity!

Aneta Morfova – speech therapist and methodologist of the services for children and families in Karin Dom. Supports children (0-7 years) and their families, offering ideas and guidance for activities at home. !Reached capacity!

Svetlana Angelova – speech therapist, early childhood development consultant and methodologist of the Early Intervention service of Karin Dom.

Plamena Burodzhieva – works with children 3-8 years old with disorders in language and speech development, special educational needs and developmental problems.

Vanya Yordanova – has undergone a number of trainings related to alternative communication, behavioral problems, as well as sensory difficulties.

Registrations for the Speech Therapist with a Good Heart Campaign have already begun. Feel free to join in!

You can find additional information about the specialists participating in 2023 and about the location of the offices or online consultations on:

This year the campaign is under the title “Check to make sure!” and focuses on creating habits for regular consultations with a speech therapist.

The initiative enjoys exceptional interest from parents from all over the country and shows that a large part of Bulgarian children have limited opportunities to access qualified speech therapy.

The initiative is dedicated to the European Day of Speech Therapy – March 6, which Bulgarian speech therapists also recognize as their professional holiday.

Karin Dom joins the initiative with the support of the Medicor Foundation.

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