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We Expect Your Proposals by March 15! Karin Dom Foundation Announces a Competition for Logo Rebranding

2 February 2022

The deadline has been extended until March 15!

Dear friends,

Karin Dom Foundation announces a competition for a rebranding of its logo. For its 25-year history, the logo of Karin Dom has managed to establish itself as a recognizable and distinctive symbol of the faith of our team and all those who are involved in our mission in the future of children with special needs.

Stanka Jeleva’s logo

The current logo of Karin Dom was created more than 25 years ago and has won our team with its concept of home, sunny mood and smiles. We want to preserve this identity and develop our vision in accordance with our new goals, aspirations for development and relevance of the visual concept.

Karin Dom, logo competition – Everything about the contest!

Declaration of authorship of images submitted for the competition!



Logo for the 25th anniversary of Karin Dom, designed by Steli Chakarova

25 years of history

Karin Dom Foundation is an organization with 25 years of history and one of the first in Bulgaria to create an alternative model of services for children with special needs and their families. It was founded in 1996. from the diplomat Ivan Stanchov, who attracts and inspires donors and specialists to prove that there are no children that cannot be educated.

The organization is a respected expert institution and has a recognizable visual identity that seeks constant development and innovation. Karin Dom continues to be an innovator in its field and to develop, but remains true to its values ​​and mission. We continue forward as an organization with history, respect and innumerable successes. Our visual identity is intertwined with values, love for children and faith in their future, which we will continue to support. Our logo reflects our faith in the family and the developmental opportunities of all children.

We are building a new therapeutic and training complex in Varna

In 2019 Karin Dom has started its long-standing dream – construction of a new therapeutic and training center in Varna. With its construction Karin Dom reaches the next level of its development and with this changed identity there is a need for an external visual change in sync with the internal change of the organization.

The new building aims to create an environment for early childhood development, knowledge sharing and shared space for families, volunteers and professionals. In the new building we will have the opportunity to offer more services as well as more comprehensive ones for children and families to support their daily lives and inclusion in kindergartens and schools. In one place, under one roof we will be able to offer a complex of services for early support and therapy, a variety of methods to stimulate child development from 0 to 7 years.

We believe in the need for early support and the strength of the family with which we are a strong team.

We believe that Karin Dom should continue to radiate self-confidence and confidence, faith in the future of all children and a sunny mood. We accept every child and every person with a focus on their abilities and potential, not their deficiencies. We believe in the success of children and in their future.

We are an organization that communicates actively and transparently. We love to share achievements, experiences and we never stop dreaming.

Our change is growth, development and active communication with children and their families, parents seeking support and knowledge, with colleagues, partners, donors and volunteers. We run regular advocacy campaigns and work to change policies at the national and international levels. We strive for a change in public attitudes towards children and people with special needs and their fulfilling lives. We respect nature and educate children to love and appreciate it.

How do you see our future? Participate in the competition!

Our expectations for all graphic designers who want to participate in the Karin Dom Logo Competition is that their creative project is in line with the nature and values ​​of our organization. To be motivated to contribute to the development and modern look of our brand, which will be in line with the mission, values ​​and future development of Karin Dom.

We can’t wait to see your ideas! We expect you to send us:

  • Projects in vector format *.cdr *. ai *.eps or *.pdf.
  • Projects must be presented in format *.jpg or *.png as well for an easier visualization.
  • The logo should have two versions – black and white version and color version.
  • The color solutions should be adequate to the message.
  • We also expect options for its placing on a light and dark (white and black) background.
  • The text in the logo should be in two versions – bilingual (Latin and Cyrillic).
  • The image should be memorable, artistically and aesthetically pleasing and carry messages that reflect the values ​​of Karin Dom. To show security and support for families.
  • The image should be suitable to be used in different sizes for different applications.
  • Options for visual positioning of the two versions of the logo on printed and other materials of choice should be added to the project.
  • An obligatory element of the logo that we would like to transfer is the sun and the symbolism of home, as well as preserving the recognizability of Karin Dom with its 25-year history.
  • Each participant can participate with more than one proposal, but not more than 3 (three).
  • Every Bulgarian or foreign citizen can participate in the competition with no restrictions.
  • The submitted projects should be prepared solely for the purposes of this competition and have not participated in other ones. Projects must not have gained publicity in relation to another service, product or organization.
  • The graphic proposals submitted should be accompanied by a short summary – symbols, desired associations, feeling, etc. in terms of core values, working principles and the new complex.

Prize fund BGN 500

The designer of the first project will be assigned to develop its concept in full. Karin Dom will be entitled to up to 5 adjustments. The participant ranked first will receive a prize fund of BGN 500, promotion of the authorship of the project and a special certificate of appreciation.

Term for Participation and registration:

We await your proposals from 02/02/2022 to 06/03/2022 on e-mail: together with the completed Declaration of authorship . Each participant will receive an entry number after submitting their project.

Jury and voting:

  • Deliberations of the jury and voting will be held in the period 7-11 March 2022. We will announce a new date for the discussions.
  • Information about the selection will be published on the website of Karin Dom, and the winner will be notified.
  • The jury does not undertake to provide motivation for its decision to the participants.
  • The jury will comprise of at least three members.

We are waiting for your proposals until March 6, 2022!

 The deadline has been extended to March 15!

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