» Karin Dom completed a project under the program “Faith in the children and family” of the Tulip Foundation

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Karin Dom completed a project under the program “Faith in the children and family” of the Tulip Foundation

4 July 2016

For the period February 2014 – January 2016, the support of our specialists received 95 children at risk and their families. We have trained professionals from 9 NGOs in the country. Working with foster families has become part of the overall work at Karin Dom, a great success for us is that nine children from the foster families have already been adopted.

In the program of Tulip Foundation have participated 13 NGOs, and the final Conference “How faith in the family contribute to the full implementation of children’s rights?” took place on June 3, 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The project of Karin Dom – “The family-oriented approach: a tool for preventing institutionalization of children with disabilities” had two main objectives:

  • Increasing the parent capacity for rearing children with disabilities in a family environment.
  • Enhancing the capacity of other organizations from the country to implement a family-oriented approach to therapy and training of children with disabilities.

The project covered the following groups:

  • Children with disabilities who are at risk of institutionalization;
  • Parents of children with disabilities – biological, foster and adoptive parents of children with special needs;
  • Specialists from other non-governmental organizations working with children at risk and their parents.

Through the implementation of family-oriented approach in the therapeutic work we achieved more lasting results for the well-being of the child and the family. We have developed the skills of parents to meet the special needs of their children in everyday life. The children involved in the project have made progress in their condition according to the areas of development. With regard to the adoptive parents, the project proved to be a valuable opportunity for them to learn how to care for their children with special needs, since they does not receive such support from elsewhere. Through this new service for foster families, they feel prepared and motivated to look after and adopt children with special needs.

All children, with whose families we have worked on the project, will remain in a family environment as a result of the effective support of Karin Dom and due to the system built and our partnerships with other organizations. The organizations received training and supervision, adopted in their practices and use the family-oriented approach due to which they will support in the a long term other children and families.

When from their birth or in infancy children attend therapy and parents actively participate and continue the activities at home, the progress in the development of the child is significantly larger.

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