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A brief sensory integration training in Karin Dom

12 December 2011

On the 9th of December Mrs. Mary-Margaret Windsor, occupational therapist from the United States, did a brief training on the topic of “Sensory Integration” for the team of Karin Dom. She presented the basic principles of the sensory integration theory and explained them through examples from a training video she played.

In the second part of the training Ms. Windsor consulted the parents of a child visiting Karin Dom on his sensory issues and gave practical advices and illustrated examples of what can be done for overcoming the sensory-integrative dysfunction. The parents were thankful and extremely satisfied with the advices they received, and the specialists from Karin Dom are hoping to maintain future professional contacts with Ms. Windsor

Part of the Karin Dom’s team took part in a three-day long course led by Mrs. Windsor which was about the usage of a particular diagnostic test for children with special needs – the BAYLEY test.

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