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Round table discussion on Inclusive society for inclusive education

7 December 2010

On December 7th, at Karin Dom, a round table discussion, on Inclusive society for inclusive education, took place. The project coordinator of Karin Dom, Mrs Vesselina Vassileva, presented the results from the project that the Karin Dom team worked on from March to December this year. The director of “Dr. Ivan Shishmanov” the Varna school for visually impaired children, Mr. Peter Petrov, talked in front of the guests about reforming the educational organizations involved in inclusive education.

During the discussion, suggestions were made on the development of inclusive education in mainstream schools and role of the steakholders  – teachers, parents and children with Special Educational Needs.

Mrs. Annette Marinova, consultant from the Ministry of education, Equal access to education and developmental support department participated the discussion.

All the guests saw the itinerant exhibition, Inclusive society for inclusive education, with pictures of children from Karin Dom, and watched the film about the project. The teachers that participated the project received their copies from the resource library – printed materials about the working with children with Special Educational Needs at the regular schools.

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