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The Christmas celebration party with Karin Dom’s children

22 December 2016

At the concert hall of the Youth House “Orbita”, children surprised their parents and all guests with a magical Christmas tale where friendship and good heart overcome all difficulties and the characters find the right way for the fulfillment of their dream. Dressed like forest animals the kids and the Good Snowman convinced us that a friend’s helping hand makes the path easier to follow, and each dream can become a reality. Of course our good children welcomed Certainly the beloved Santa Claus and the beautiful Snow White, who had prepared for them a bag full of surprises.

We want to thank the little participants, the grown-up participants and our wonderful audience for this magical celebration! We also thank our luminous dwarfs from the “Akademik Metodiy Popov” High School of Natural Sciences. It was a great joy to join this exciting Christmas trip along with the children, their parents and all our friends.

We wish all a wonderful Christmas and a  prosperous New 2017!

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