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Karin dom started a fundraising initiative on the Global Giving UK platform

14 March 2018

Karin dom started a fundraising initiative on the Global Giving UK platform to provide early support to 20 special needs children. Karin dom launched a fundraising campaign on Global Giving – the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies.

Within the Global Giving Accelerator where our project will be active till the end of March 2018, we should approach at least $5000 from 40 donors to have the opportunity of full membership.

As Karin Dom is financed mainly by projects and donors, we strive to keep any fundraising opportunity and channels we have to enhance valuable campaigns and causes.

We would appreciate your involvement in our efforts if you share information with partners and potential donors that would support our cause. Please, see the link HERE!

Briefly, the project will ensure that 20 children aged 0-3 who are at risk of falling behind in their development, including preterm and/or low-birth-weight infants; who have developmental delays or disabilities, will receive a complex quality early intervention service. They will have opportunity to social and educational inclusion and will receive therapy to stimulate their development. Families will be supported and empowered to be main actors in their child’s life and care.

The need for early support is rising from the fact that the birth of a child with disability in Bulgaria makes families feel a lot of stress, social isolation, helplessness and despair. Due to the lack of adequate and necessary policies, practices and professional services to support parents in this challenge, children often miss the chance for timely intervention in their early years. Society also suffers because ignoring the importance of early intervention creates inequality, confrontation and social exclusion.

Karin Dom’s Early Intervention Program is a mobile service consisting of home visits delivered by a multidisciplinary team: physiotherapist, speech therapist, psychologist, social worker. Additional services include parent support groups, toy library and playgroups. In the core of the service is the family-oriented approach where professionals and parents work in partnership, towards strengthening the potential and the resources of the family to stimulate the development of their young children.

As our longtime supporters, we would like to ask you to share our cause and support us in seeking the necessary funding. Thanks to our friends and donors Karin Dom is able to provide quality services for children with special needs and their families for more than 21 years.

Thank you!

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